Two Cents: ‘Sports Kids’ Finale Unveils a Shocking Twist (7/22/05)

(I worked as a Sports Editor from late 2004 until the summer of 2006. This is one of the many columns I was able to save that were originally published in The Sun-Times of Heber Springs, Arkansas.)

After enjoying some time on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake with my family, I rushed home to get ready for the season finale of ‘Sports Kids Moms & Dads’. I was looking forward to putting the finishing touches on the final entry of my running diary that has captivated millions since I began writing it with the season premiere.

As I sat down to let the hilarity wash over me, my laptop died. After yelling really loudly and properly freaking out my dogs and cats, I rebooted and frantically searched for a pen and pad. I couldn’t find either, so I thought of all the witty ways I could explain the missing first 15 minutes.

After my laptop restarted, I began again only to have the same thing happen. While I was contemplating what to do, I realized that there wasn’t much going on in the show that I could make light of.

It seems that with the final episode, these ‘Sports Kids Moms & Dads’ were starting to act like parents. (With the exception of football dad Craig, who partnered up with another fanatical father who also doubles as a sports agent. The agent has a son who is conveniently a quarterback, so Craig has dreams of the QB and Trenton hooking up all the way to the NFL.)

Even crazed cheerleading mom Sharon started acting like she loved her daughter Sarah.

This might have had something to do with Sarah sweeping the National Championships in every division she competed in.

She commented that what was really important was that she had a good kid.

Same with basketball coach T.J. Lindsay’s team New Roads, who lost in the semi-finals of the State championships, but T.J. was cool.

She actually praised her team and then they showed her having an impromptu party where she handed out team awards for worst singing voice and the player who opened the most cans of “Whup Ace”.

Lindsay’s voice over even said that T.J. was a softie, and her mom wasn’t “a control freak or anything”.

Kim even softened her grip around her figure skating son Bryce’s neck. Bryce passed his novice competition, and for the first time Kim looked like a proud mom instead of a woman who was throwing tons of cash out the window.

She did say that her budget next year would have to include money for a sports psychologist. Bryce may be in need of a psychologist, but that’s another column on a totally different topic.

Karen and Karli got past the fact that Disco had to be sold, and Karli came to grips with a tearful goodbye to her horse.

Back at the house everything seemed normal, until Karen said she was going away for two months to “find herself” again. The show never revealed who would be looking after the kids.

All in all, the show was horrific, hilarious and highly enjoyable. Bring on the next reality train wreck!

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